We can also increase the effectiveness of sand and other abrasives. Once coated with FUSION, using pre-wet equipment or treated ahead of time in your stockpile, they will adhere to the road much better and remain on the surface longer.

During an event, or if snow or ice are already present, abrasives treated with Fusion will actually stick to the accumulated ice or snow and not get blown away by heavy winds or the passage of vehicles. Due to the melting capacity in the Fusion liquid, they also remain active longer; hence fewer applications are required thereby reducing material and labor costs. Furthermore, reducing the amount of abrasives carrying heavy metals will also significantly reduce the environmental impact while maintaining the desired levels of performance.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Efficient to -280C
  • Stays on surface longer which reduces applications required
  • No magnesium or calcium
  • 100% organic and biodegradable
  • Less corrosive than other products in industry
  • Abrasives in stockpile will not freeze
  • Best flexibility (all our products are derived from same base concentrate)