De-IcingDuring an event, or if there is already snow or ice on the surface, granular ice-melters will be able to cut into the accumulated ice or snow – liquids will not be effective at this point since they will be diluted before reaching the surface. Salt that has been pre-wet with FUSION (or pre-treated in a stockpile) is more efficient than traditional salt and is effective to -300C. Fusion is derived from sugar beets using our patented alkaline degradation process, significantly increasing its melting value – without the presence of any harmful calcium or magnesium. Our de-icer will reduce labor and material costs and is effective down to temperatures of -300C. Even in the harshest of Canadian winters, use of our products will reduce the impact on the environment while maintaining the desired levels of service. Treated salt adheres to the road bed better than traditional salt, reducing the quantity dispersed off the road with its resultant negative environmental impact. Each application of treated salt can reduce chlorides by up to 35% and fewer applications will be required.


The best and most effective way to apply granular product is by pre-wetting the salt if you are so-equipped. As the salt moves toward the chute or the spinner of the salt spreader, it is sprayed with liquid FUSION. Pre-wet systems can be added to any vehicle and they can be easily reinstalled on a new vehicle in the off-season. Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our reputable suppliers who can perform this retrofit for you. If your vehicles do not have pre-wet capability, you can still save time and money by using our stockpile treated granular salt. Salt that is pre-wet with our FUSION 2350 liquid de-icer is effective to -30C and will require less per square meter compared to traditional ice-melters on the market.

Stockpile Treatment

We sell pre-treated granular salt (sodium chloride) and we also perform stockpile treatments for municipalities and snow-removal contractors. Once treated, your salt will not cake or freeze in your stockpile thereby eliminating waste and the potential for damage to your salt spreaders. Salt that is pre-treated with our FUSION liquid de-icer is effective to -30C and will require less per square meter compared to traditional ice-melters on the market. Many of our clients treat their own salt using a loader – an experienced operator can treat 140 tonnes per hour. Contact us for more information.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Efficient to -300C
  • No magnesium or calcium
  • 100% organic and biodegradable
  • Less corrosive than other products in industry
  • Salt in stockpile will not freeze
  • Stays on surface longer
  • Does not dilute quickly – less risk of re-freeze (compared to salt and other products)
  • Best flexibility (all our products are derived from same base concentrate)
  • Can be used as Dust Control in Spring