Our Horticultural Vinegar is an excellent, non-selective herbicide (weed killer). It is also very effective as a cleaning product based on its 20% acetic acid content. Horticultural Vinegar is certified under the Canadian Pest Control Products Act and is produced from concentrated acetic acid.

Uses & Applications

  • Parking lots, sidewalks, along buildings
  • Interlocking driveways
  • Greenhouse
  • Hothouse
  • Solarium
  • Garden shed
  • Hydroponic garden
  • Patios
  • Around pools
  • Decorative stonework


  • 100% natural weed killer
  • Excellent for cleaning and de-scaling greenhouse and hydroponic equipment and drip-lines
  • Cleans up and brings back the new look to interlocking brick patios, driveways, stone landscaping

Available Quantities

  • 1000 Litre Tote Tank
  • 200 Litre Drum
  • 20 Litre Jug