Our eco-friendly treated salt is treated with FUSION liquid which is 100% organic and biodegradable, derived from sugar beets. It is effective down to -300C and will require at least 25% less per square meter compared to traditional ice-melters on the market.

During an event, or if there is already snow or ice on the surface, Fusion treated salt will be able to cut into the accumulation – liquids will be ineffective at this point. The best and most effective way to apply granular product is by pre-wetting the salt if you have the necessary equipment. If your vehicles do not have pre-wet capability, you can still save time and money by using our treated salt which is available in bulk.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Efficient to -300C
  • Reduces granules that get tracked into buildings
  • No magnesium or calcium
  • 100% organic and biodegradable
  • Less corrosive than other products in industry
  • Will not freeze
  • Stays longer on the surface
  • Does not dilute quickly – less risk of re-freeze (compared to salt and other products)