Organic Melt The most powerful ICE MELTER. PERIOD!

Safer, more efficient and less corrosive.

Our clients receive LEED credits when using our liquid anti-icing products.

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Fusion Liquid De-Icer

FUSION, our high-powered liquid deicing and anti-icing product line, is the least corrosive in the industry containing zero calcium chloride or magnesium chloride.  FUSION will permit you to reduce costs and is effective down to -30°C.  Even during harsh Canadian winters, it will reduce the environmental impact while maintaining or surpassing safety and levels of service.  FUSION liquid blends can be applied directly on the surface up to 5 days before a snow or ice event.

Anti-icing is a proactive approach that prevents ice from bonding to the surface thereby reducing accidents and facilitating the removal of snow and ice during plowing.  The FUSION liquid blends absorb into the surface as opposed to granular ice melters that are dispersed by passing vehicles. Each application of FUSION2350 corresponds to a 85% reduction in harmful chlorides and fewer applications are necessary since it does not dilute quickly like other liquids.