We are constantly striving to reduce the harm we do to our environment.

Our clients receive LEED credits when using our liquid anti-icing products.

Organic Melt

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You can find Organic Melt online at costco.ca or mondou.com. Organic Melt is also available in over 80 stores across Quebec and Eastern Canada. Use our store locator to find out where Organic Melt is for sale nearest to you.

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FUSION, our line of organic de-icing and anti-icing (DLA) liquids, provides a high level of safety on our roads while reducing corrosion compared to other products on the market. Our Fusion line does not contain any calcium or magnesium. Fusion will reduce labor and materials costs and it is effective down to temperatures of -28C. Even in the harshest of Canadian winters, using our products will reduce the impact on the environment while maintaining the desired levels of service. Fusion 2350 liquid is applied directly on the road (even up to five days) before an ice or snow event.

nti-icing is a pro-active approach that prevents the formation of ice on the surface. This results in a reduction of accidents and permits us to completely remove snow and ice with each pass of the snow-plow. Liquids stick to the road bed compared to granular salt which ends up being dispersed and harming our environment. Each application of Fusion can also reduce chlorides by up to 85% and fewer applications will be required.

ECO-FORMA Inc. is an authorized distributor of Eco Solutions products.